Learning Chuck Mangione’s “Feel So Good” on guitar

I got a little free time on Saturday morning and decided I wanted to spend some of it playing guitar. Lately, I’ve spent my guitar playing time alternating in genre between fingerstyle acoustic (a la John Fahey) and singer-songwriter stuff like Richard Thompson and Jim Croce. On this day though, I felt like learning something I could play with my Les Paul and eventually with a band. I suppose it kind of started as a joke, but I decided I wanted to learn, Chuck Mangione’s “Feels so Good.”

Chuck Mangione .Feels So Good [Show Tv] by capitainfunkk

And here’s the tab I’m using to learn to play it.


I got through the melody lead sheet a few times to the point where I wasn’t making mistakes but it wasn’t exactly effortless either. The tabs for the rhythm part were actually pretty annoying to the point where I just went looking for the actual lead sheet to read the chord changes that way. I figured, I could interpret the chord voicings quicker that way anyway.

I’m not quite there but I think I’ll be ready within a week. I’m looking forward to a jam session with my bass playing brother-in-law, who I think could really slay that disco beat.

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  1. Here are those raw chord changes I mentioned.


    I’ll probably redo them at some point in a number system so I can transpose on the fly.

    Here they are in the key of G.

    Chuck Mangione Feels So Good Chords

    G – Em7 – Am7 – D

    Bm7 – Em7 – Am7 – F#m5 (add7) – B7

    Em7 – Fmaj9 – Em7 – Fmaj9


    G – Fmaj9 – Em7 – Em/C

    Am7 – Am7 Bm7 – Em/C – C#m6- Dsus4

    G – Em7 – Am7 – D7

    G – Em7 – Am7 – G/D – C/D

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