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blurry concert
Why Musicians Don’t Like Going to Concerts (Unless They Are Performing)
10 Books I’ve read and enjoyed recently
Photo of the Day: 19 N LaSalle Chicago
“Old Man River” on Instrumental Acoustic Guitar
Replacing Front Concrete Steps in Buffalo Grove, IL
Just upgraded my phone’s firmware. Realized I have 220 apps installed. Is that a lot?
What a Strange Way to Say Happy Father’s Day
Storm Clouds on Trees, Suburbs
Gloomy view through the trees
3 hours working in Prezi…
Flashback Photo – College Dorm Room Circa 1999
December is the month of music for Miles Maxwell
Photo of the Day: Paddock Lake WI at Sunset
3rd floor balcony
Photo of the Day: Skyward Shot with Balcony
Photo of the Day: Gas Station Mascot or Andy the Messenger Robot?
Learning Chuck Mangione’s “Feel So Good” on guitar
Photo of the Day: Wrap Around Porch in Chicago Neighborhood at Dusk
Photo of the Day: On the Way to Work
Rehearsal for Reunion
Photo of the Day: Upended Tree Shows Roots, Morton Grove, IL
Lightning & Thunder Blizzard in Chicago
Concert Photography: Shooting the Solo Singer Guitarist
Pubic Hares at the Tonic Room
man standing in front of saxophone hanging on wall
Miles goes through a bunch of changes
acoustic 3 piece folk band
Reckless Truth Pail musical turbulence
Trip to Williams 2003
Thoughts on career as a webmaster
Reckless Truth Pail Plays Gunther Murphy’s in Chicago
man playing electric guitar in residence
First blog post

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