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Boy Playing in Snow Photography
Just started the Ready Player One Audiobook
blurry concert
Why Musicians Don’t Like Going to Concerts (Unless They Are Performing)
10 Books I’ve read and enjoyed recently
Photo of the Day: 19 N LaSalle Chicago
“Old Man River” on Instrumental Acoustic Guitar
Replacing Front Concrete Steps in Buffalo Grove, IL
Just upgraded my phone’s firmware. Realized I have 220 apps installed. Is that a lot?
What a Strange Way to Say Happy Father’s Day
Storm Clouds on Trees, Suburbs
Gloomy view through the trees
3 hours working in Prezi…
Flashback Photo – College Dorm Room Circa 1999
December is the month of music for Miles Maxwell
Photo of the Day: Paddock Lake WI at Sunset
3rd floor balcony
Photo of the Day: Skyward Shot with Balcony
Photo of the Day: Gas Station Mascot or Andy the Messenger Robot?
Learning Chuck Mangione’s “Feel So Good” on guitar
Photo of the Day: Wrap Around Porch in Chicago Neighborhood at Dusk
Photo of the Day: On the Way to Work
Rehearsal for Reunion
Photo of the Day: Upended Tree Shows Roots, Morton Grove, IL
Lightning & Thunder Blizzard in Chicago
Concert Photography: Shooting the Solo Singer Guitarist
Pubic Hares at the Tonic Room
man standing in front of saxophone hanging on wall
Miles goes through a bunch of changes
acoustic 3 piece folk band
Reckless Truth Pail musical turbulence
Trip to Williams 2003
Thoughts on career as a webmaster
Reckless Truth Pail Plays Gunther Murphy’s in Chicago
man playing electric guitar in residence
First blog post

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