And now… for the moment no one’s been waiting for…

My cousin and good friend Don Shea and I got together tonight to rehearse some old songs. We’ve been in a few bands together but tonight we rehearsed the real crusty oldies from a band we started back in 2002 called the Pubic Hares.

As you can imagine, the subject matter was a bit blue and, being an acoustic rock duo in the early 2000s, we showcased a strong Tenacious D influence. Still, we had a vibe all our own and played shows and parties for the better part of 3 years. It only faded because we got a little tired of the infantile humor and we both joined a far more serious and somber band, Righteous Truth Pail (but that’s a blog for another day!).

Anyway, I don’t feel the need to give a full recap to the rehearsal but, suffice it to say, we sound eerily similar to the way we did then. For some, that might be really horrible news. In any event, we had some fun and may trot out the old setlist for an upcoming get together, along with a few new ones that not many people have heard. I’m particularly excited to hear what people think of my post-fatherhood song, “All Out.”