Recording the next album

As musicians everywhere are putting their performances on hold, we take up the writing and recording tasks to bring our next album to the world. Stay tuned for new songs over the next few weeks!

Latest News

Miles Maxwell Returns to Penny Road in 2020

We returned to the scene of our second show ever, The Penny Road Pub...

The Story of Miles Maxwell’s Acoustic Guitars

I started as an acoustic guitar player My first lessons were on a...

bass guitar
Miles Maxwell Gets a New Website

The site at milesmaxwellcom has gone through many incarnations since...

cartoon hitchhiker and map of des moines
Miles Maxwell Heads to Des Moines, IA

Happy new year to everybody and thanks for taking a minute with us I...

Screenshot of audio software with chanting monk character
Everything you wanted to know about the “Terrible Song” by Miles Maxwell

The “Terrible Song” is probably my favorite song on the...

guys in a recording studio
Miles Maxwell Collaborates with Gary Zimmer on “Santa is Real” (Single)

Miles Maxwell is super pumped to announce the immediate availability...



The Album

Red Ghost

"Red Ghost has that east coast barroom sound, the use of instruments by this multi talented group of artists is sublime, no wasted notes, and everything has its place in perfect harmony and presence."
Joseph Timmons
IndiePulse Music
Red Ghost is an elegant and melancholy ride across what one could argue is as pure and authentic of a pop-Americana sound as anyone has conjured in recent memory."
Noah Hittner
Ark of Music
"Miles Maxwell came tailor made for this era of pop, and anyone who considers themselves a relevant music enthusiast should get a hold of Red Ghost today."
Mindy McCall
No Depression
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