I had aimed to release the new album by today. Sadly, I’m falling a bit short and won’t be able to get the new songs online. I got a bit caught up in recording overdubs and didn’t get to a comfortable enough place to get the tracks to mixing engineer I trust.

I toyed with the idea of rushing it and doing it myself but I’ll share the wise words of Shigero Miyamoto here to help explain why I didn’t. I still have 8 new songs that I’m eager to share but it will have to be in the coming weeks. Apologies to all who are waiting but I’d rather deliver something I’m proud of instead of something that will always be a compromise in my mind. Thanks and happy new year! 🎸💿

I’m excited to announce that I’m working on a proper album for the rest of the year. I’ve written about 50 songs since 2000 but this will be the first official long play record of my music. I couldn’t be more proud and motivated to make this official here on my site. The album should be 11 or 12 songs and is probably going to be called Red Ghost.

It’s kind of ironic but when I was not as aggressive with music earlier in the year, I was posting more stuff; Resurrecting old songs and videos, mostly for posterity. Now that I’ve got a batch of new songs (the only one I’ve posted here that will be on the new album is Something New), I haven’t posted here as much. That will change though, as I look forward to breaking down all the new ones with some videos and behind the scenes as we go into the studio in the next few weeks.

The new album should be tracked and mixed before the end of the year. I’ll set up preorders sometime in December and more importantly, I’ll be floating some individual tracks as soon as they’re mixed. Which brings me to a big question, where do you, loyal listener, go to stream music? I’ve certainly got my favorites but I’d appreciate knowing what the general consensus is so I can focus on those sites and apps as things get released. I’ve put together a one question survey so please give it ten seconds to answer below. Thanks and looking forward to sharing the new tunes soon.

Streaming Music Survey