News from Miles Maxwell

After a few weeks of swapping ideas for a band name, the guys and I did an unscientific survey of the people around us and landed on: Miles Maxwell. The logic for the move was pretty simple, there’s already a website with lots of stuff about our music on it and it’s pretty easy to say. Hopefully, it’s easy to remember as well.

So that means the focus of the site will shift to content about the band, which brings me to another album update. The song list has grown a little shorter in order to facilitate a quicker turnaround. 6 songs are written and recorded, but have yet to be mixed. Well, I’ve mixed them but they sound like the speakers are sitting under a thick blanket so I think it’s wise to enlist the help of a professional.

I plan to provide the final edits to a friend of a friend this weekend and see what the level of effort and turnaround time will be. In any event, it’s exciting times and I’m thrilled to be so close to sharing this stuff with the world.


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